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delete via via sexdates

in your app's package directory.e, under and you want to expose the delete functionality to other apps. Other apps cannot delete the file in your private storage with a Uri like / works just for your app. I am not picking on you. . (Simply putting some batch scripting lines around a command line tool does not mean you have a scripting question.).

Exe program, which doesn't really have anything to do with scripting per se; it is a command-line tool. Perhaps you should learn to A Spell (that's 101) B Spell C have worth I am on a help form for help you are here to show how good and smart you must. You simply said it could not be done. Whenany of us give you a negative answer you whine like a stuck pig. There is but it is not a script. . I I have used other forms and sometimes you have to deal with a sad individual who makes me wonder why you are a expert on a help form. If you have views, CursorLoaders in place and want to be informed about updates or wish to expose deletion of your app data to other apps, content provider is the cleanest approach). I think yu need to spend some time learning the basics.

Exe" This was my full unedited reply. Solution : Here, either of the above approaches will work since you have the access to delete the file. Bill Stewart Bill_Stewart Oh i just saw your profile pic Bill and know you have helped be before so thank you. Solution : Since the path is accessible to you, the java approach will work with a file Uri like: scenario 2, file resides in another app (say dropbox) and your app needs to delete the file.

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With a little basic training you would learn what the implications of your question are. I don't agree with first answer: it seems it's possible. The only frustrations I have is attitude from someone who can't offer a answer with out insulting I I work with 100 rock solid wonderful knowledgeable folks and nederlandse escort dames don't need a back handed attempt at a answer that is not even a answer. If i may i had posed the same question on another form and this was the full 100 unedited response. Evenyou can learnthis stuff. . @echo off, rEM The below section list any adapters with isatap or teredo in the name. DroidTEstHelper app in your target device, you only do the following broadcast command.

So, I developed the simple application.
Anyone can remove data via adb command if you install the following application into your target device.
On my board I got a via below a pad.

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