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supplanted, and his grammar shared a similar fate. As an informal register edit In variation theory, pioneered by William Labov, language is a large set of styles or registers from which the speaker selects according to the social setting of the moment. For example, a lecture is delivered in a different variety than ordinary conversation. Before 1550 as a conventional date "supraregional compromises" were used in printed works, such as the one published by Valentin Ickelsamer ( Ein Teutsche Grammatica ) 1534. Gelderland, groningen, limburg, noord-Brabant, noord-Holland, overijssel, utrecht. The first monolingual dictionary was 29 Robert Cawdrey 's Table Alphabeticall (1604) which was followed by Edward Phillips 's A New World of English Words (1658) and Nathaniel Bailey 's An Universal Etymological English Dictionary (1721).

A vernacular, or vernacular language, is the language or variety of a language used in everyday life by the common people of a specific population.
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Certain groups, notably Traditionalist Catholics, continue to sexdate met vrouwe practice Latin Mass. Heb een mooi lichaam, een lekker kontje en een paar mooie borsten. DeGrauwe, Luc (2002 "Emerging Mother-Tongue Awareness: The Special Case of Dutch and German in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period in Linn, Andrew Robert; McLelland, Nicola, Standardization: studies from the Germanic languages, Amsterdam; Philadelphis: John Benjamins Publishing.,. . Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press. It attracted significant contributions from some singular minds, such as William Chester Minor, a former army surgeon who had become criminally insane and made most of his contributions while incarcerated. And finally, nationalists wished to counter the spread of the French national language into German-speaking territories assisted by the efforts of the French Academy. Here, vernacular, mother language and dialect are already in use in a modern sense. 2, the oldest known vernacular manuscript. Some linguists use "vernacular" and " nonstandard dialect " as synonyms. History of English: a sketch of the origin and development of the English with Examples, Down to the Present Day. Religious leaders wished to create a sacred language for Protestantism that would be parallel to the use of Latin for the Roman Catholic Church. 894 Milroy, James; Milroy, Lesley (1985).

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